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Are you ready for the last weight loss programme you’ll ever have to start?
Effie Parnell-Hopkinson
Emil Hodzovic
A 12 week fat loss programme designed to help you
look better, get stronger, feel amazing and leave the diet industry behind forever
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  • Nutrition
  • Personal Development
  • And So Much More...
Let’s get straight to the hard truth about weight loss. You wouldn’t be here if you had found a strategy that works.
But here you are. Feeling confused and frustrated about diet and exercise.

It’s not your fault - and you’re not alone!
The reason most diet plans fail isn’t willpower or desire. After all, every time you start a new plan, you want it to be the last one. So what keeps going wrong?

The chances are you lost weight initially but then it didn't stick. This is where we come in...
Lifelong maintainable fat loss and health can be your reality
Project Revitalization helps you develop healthy diet and exercise habits, to lose weight and keep it off.
Get in shape, stay in shape, and never have to start again.
PHASE 1: The 12 Week Transformation

The Project Revitalization 12 week programme gives you everything you need to succeed - not just this time, but for the rest of time. You will never need to start a diet again, because you’ll never be that far away from your ideal weight, shape, and dress size. 

Phase 1 is a 12 week programme that kick starts your fat loss journey and starts to build the habits needed for long term success.
PHASE 2: Ongoing Subscription

We know that getting into shape is one thing, but avoiding the diet rebound and STAYING in shape is the real goal. This is where Project Revitalization Phase 2 comes in - this is an ongoing membership support system. It is a monthly subscription where you get continued access to the community and all the resources along with extra content exclusive to subscribers. 

And you can stay for as long as you want. 
PHASE 1: The 12 week plan
A one off payment for full access to the entire 12 week experience.
  • Online Platform
  • Regular Emails
  • Private Facebook group with Weekly Live Q&As
  • Unqiue Tracking and Checking in tools
  • PDF Downloads, Weekly Motivation & Habit Building
  • Extensive Exercise Video Library
  • Education and Information Resources
It is very important to us that you feel confident in Project Revitalization. We are so sure that you will get results, that we’re happy to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you fully embrace the process (check in weekly and do everything within your power to stick to the plan as set) and do not make any progress (as measured by weight loss, clothes fitting better, feeling amazing or getting healthier) then just email us ( after the end of the 8 weeks and we will give you a full refund!
The Tools You Need To Succeed
  • Nutrition Guidelines: We teach you how to track your food and give you ideas on what you should eat and when. Learn how to deal with unexpected real-life situations and social events on the fly.
  • Training Plan: 3, 4 and 5 day a week gym programmes from beginner to advanced trainers along with a selection of home workouts We’ll help you shape up in a way that works for you.
  • Exercise Library: Our comprehensive video library is updated regularly and shows you how to do the exercises that we've given you in the workouts.
  •  Warm and Welcoming Community: Research shows that social support helps to keep weight off in the long term. Join our lively (and private!) facebook group with regular content and videos from Effie and Emil.
  •  Build Habits: Our private clients include some of the busiest and most highly-driven people around. We’ll teach you the habits that we use with them so you can maintain your health and weight loss long into the future.
The Four Things You Must Avoid
  • Using methods which are not sustainable with your lifestyle and in the long term
  • Inflexible plans that don’t help you maintain progress on holidays or special events (think weddings, birthdays etc.)
  • Following plans that use over complicated protocols and scientific jargon (and leave out the important bits)
  • Diets that totally ignore the emotional side of being a human (because you’re not a machine!)
Why Is Project Revitalization Different?
Project Revitalization is the final stop in your long search for peace and confidence with your body because it tackles the gritty bits of dieting that most plans ignore...

Most plans aim for rapid fat loss and no "get out plan" for afterwards. How many diets have you seen which lay out in detail how you're going to sustain the weight loss and get back to living a normal life once you've reached your goal body?

None. Thats how many.
Habits. Mindset. Wellness. Self-care. Confidence.
Here’s to a self-sufficient future of lasting success...
YOUR future!
The Webinar Series
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Weekly Video Lessons: Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get
  • Video 1: How All Diets Work- This delves into the 'secret's of how ALL diets work (this will set you up for a lifetime of weight management mastery!)
  • Video 2: Why Accountability is so important!
  • Video 3: Protein, Carbs and Fat Explained - Do you need a specific macro split? Low carb? Low fat? How much protein should you consume? All of this answered and more.
  • Video 4: Energy Out! - How to lose fat without exercise but also why doing SOMETHING is so important for keeping the fat off long term!
  • Video 5: Supplements (The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly) - What supplements you should take and what supplements you should ignore entirely.
  • Video 6: Special Circumstances and Fat Loss - We talk about the reasons why fat loss may be more difficult! There are a number of hormones that can REALLY affect the fat loss process. What are they and how can you work around them?
  • Video 7:  Lose more fat, maintain or build muscle - We tee you up for long term success and discuss the possible next steps and how to implement them.
  • Video 8: So you've completed it. What happens next? - We refuse to let you rebound and go back to yo-yo dieting. Project Revitalization graduates are no longer “dieters”. They are healthy, athletic people getting on with their lives. Join us for phase 2 and stay as long as you like.  
  • Online Support - As soon as you join, you’ll get access to our membership platform and private Facebook group. Ask questions throughout your journey, join us for weekly live video Q&As, and access all the resources. And enjoy the support and encouragement of everyone else in the Project Revitalization community. It’s a great place to be! 
  • Training and Workouts - Project Revitalization’s training will help you shape up and get stronger so you can reveal an amazing physique. Choose from 3-5 workouts a week or do you own training. And a gym membership isn't required (if you don't want one!). Our home workouts get results!
A Note From Emil & Effie
“Eat less and move more.”
We’ve all heard that advice! But if losing weight (and keeping it off) was that simple, nobody would ever be out of shape. Something’s not working. 

The sad truth is that the diet and fitness industry overcomplicates the fundamentals (to keep you coming back for more!)

We want to get you fit, teach you what you need to know and then set you free. It's not the best business strategy but it works for us!
Can we be straight with you?
It is simple to lose weight and have a body you’re proud of.

But it’s not always easy. There are plenty of real-life situations waiting to trip you up. 

- Overthinking, second guessing, and self doubt. 
- Social situations, holiday, and travel. 
- Your family life and work. 
- And the emotions and stress of every day life.
But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The best strategy?
A clear, simple plan of action and a friendly supportive community that you can always fall back on.

You CAN master your habits and get into an effortless routine that brings steady, sustainable change.
This Is Why We Do What We Do
Over the 8 weeks I lost a total of 4.8kg! I'm chuffed as this process is more than a number on the scales. 

Mentally I am in a really good place to continue with the cracking support of Project Revitalization.

- Current Client
I am smaller by over 7 fricking inches!

Which means I can actually fit into clothes that I haven't been able to in over a year!

- Current Client
Project Revitalization has given me the confidence I needed to leave my comfort zone and get things done!

- Current Client
It's great seeing improvements, however small! Whether that's strength wise or just being brave enough to try new things and feeling confident in the weights section!

- Current Client
I got organised, stuck to the strategy and made progress. I am SO happy, thank you!

Once upon a time I would have written the week off or made excuses!

- Current Client
I would like to say thank you to Effie and Emil for creating Project Revitalization.

It really is amazing and also thanks to all of you in the group for the support!

- Current Client
Frequently Asked Questions
(Or excuses to not change your life NOW)
  •  12 weeks doesn’t seem long enough: 
  • 12 weeks is plenty to drop a hell of a lot of fat. In fact, you will see incredible changes in your body, mindset, and your confidence levels with Project Revitalization. This is an education system and a learning opportunity. You’ll notice progress every day. And by the end of 12 weeks, you’ll be blown away and what's more, we offer a subscription for ongoing support for as long as you need!
  •  Online diet plans never work for me:
  •  Anyone can lose weight - including you. If you have been unsuccessful in the past, it was a failure on the part of the diet plan. Project Revitalization is different. We address the human factor (emotions, habits, stress!) And the support and accountability is next level. If you wobble or struggle, we’ll help you get up and get going again. We want you to succeed and the more you interact and get stuck in, the more we can help you!
  •  Is Project Revitalization suitable for women?: 
  •  Yes, Project Revitalization has been designed for men and women, particularly those who have dieted in the past but put the weight straight back on. The training can be adjusted for beginners right through to advanced. And the beauty of our diet approach is that it teaches you a personalised strategy which you can take with you into the future.
  •  I don’t have a gym membership
  • You don’t need one - we have designed home training sessions within the Project Revitalization private members area, which can also be done in a gym! We want to make the plan as easy as possible - and show you how to stay in shape wherever life takes you.
  •  I’m a vegetarian, can I do Project Revitalization?
  • Yes, Project Revitalization is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and in fact any dietary preference. This is not a food plan, it is an education system. We will teach you how to make the strategies work for you, your diet choices, and your lifestyle. If you do have any dietary requirements we have our very own Registered Nutritionist who can help you with any specific questions or concerns you may have.
  •  I want to start, but I’ve got a wedding in 2 weeks and a holiday on week 6: 
  • We’d love to show you how to live your life and still see progress. In fact, that’s one of the main goals of Project Revitalization: to teach you how to implement strategies and use tools so you can always lose weight (or maintain weight loss), whether on holiday, at a social event, travelling, Christmas… (the list goes on - because life goes on!). There will never be a perfect time to get healthy and that is the trick. Fitting it into the rest of your life.
Just In Case You Missed it: OUR 100% GUARANTEE
It is very important to us that you feel confident in Project Revitalization. We are so sure that you will get results, that we’re happy to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you fully embrace the process (check in weekly and do everything within your power to stick to the plan as set) and do not make any progress (as measured by weight loss, clothes fitting better, feeling amazing or getting healthier) then just email us ( after the end of the 8 weeks and we will give you a full refund!
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